Relationships, Acids, Homicides, Suicides …….

As a section of society, now-a-days I am numb. Numb to news! News of appalling violence, in the name of love! Sometimes, one human is killing another or sometimes a human is taking own life. The recent suicide committed by Jiah Khan and the acid attack on Preeti Rathi, has put me in the thinking mode. As a society, we are used to live in constant state of denial. In a way, this state of denial protects us from excessive fear; simultaneously it makes us inactive. For a moment, I don’t wish to deny what I see and feel!

Our social fabric is disturbed, stained. Some have problem of plenty and some have problem of scanty. There is a general wave of dissatisfaction amongst every faction. Those who have constantly wish to have better and more, those who don’t, wish to have. Once upon a time, people believed in earning their right by performing their duty. Now, who cares! Right can be earned with might! Why ‘do anything at all’ for it! Like a good corporate, even in society, the value percolates down from top. Who is sitting atop this society? Who are our role models? Do we have role models at all? When I assess my role models to start with, I realize most of them are dead for decades or rather centuries. What is the value system of my society, ‘the legendary India’? I am really not very sure of the answers to these questions. I don’t understand politics and more so the politicians. No one believes in the power of goodness anymore. The person who has capacity to bend the system is considered to be most powerful; and who best can bend the system, other than the keepers of the system themselves! These are the values we are giving to society, to our youth! The fairness in the society is at its nadir and this is making every ‘Albert Pinto’ angry, very angry.

What impressions this society leaves on the young minds? This indeed develops violence in their mind. Acid attack or homicide is just an expression of violence, which, actually, has erupted in one’s mind several years ago. ‘If I can’t have it, no one can’! All the hopes, aspirations cling on to one relationship, because the minds are vacant. These people are devoid of purpose. They don’t have anything substantial to do. Suppressed energy in youth is power. If it is not put to use for right, it will always erupt causing wrong, either to himself or to someone else. When you focus your attention too much on relationship, you defocus on other aspects of life. Life is not ‘ONLY’ about relationships. It is ‘ALSO’ about relationships. One cannot focus on relationships alone and turn a blind eye towards other aspects of life. If you are not getting what you expect, change your expectations! Answer is not taking someone’s or your own life for it. Why waste a wonderful life which you can enjoy in so many different ways beyond clinging to someone! As they say ‘RISE’ in love, not ‘FALL’ in love!

If you happen to come across a lost young mind, I urge you to talk the person out of the maze and help him find himself. It is the least we can do to arrest the further moral downfall!


“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis!”

-Dante Alighieri


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