Namaste World! I am Kedar Dunakhe. Time and again, I get this urge to communicate and this urge has led me to create this blog. Professionally, I am faculty of Marketing Management and a voice over artist and a translator and a verbal communication expert. Personally, I am a great son, a loving husband, a caring and loving dad and an amazing friend. I am an avid reader and keep reading various genres.

The second verse of the Epic Indian Wisdom, ‘Bhagwadgita’, begins with the words, ‘Sanjay Uvach’, meaning ‘So says Sanjay’. Since then King, ‘Dhrutrashtra’ was born blind, he was eager to know whats transpiring on battlefield. Sanjay, his charioteer and advisor had the ‘Divya Drushti’ or Magical Sight and was able to see and hear what’s happening at far distances. He starts narrating what he says and thus the phrase, ‘Sanjay Uvach!’ I have committed little thievery and has customized the phrase to suit my needs… 😉 In essence, this is the place where I have something interesting to say to you…. 🙂

So keep checking my blog and express your opinion, fight with me, argue….because only intelligent people fight and argue….. 😉



4 Responses to About

  1. Revati Kasture says:

    Looking forward to reading ur blogs Kedar….read ur latest film review on rahnajaaa….or however they spell it. I must admit here that I was not at all motivated to watch the movie in theatre…but after reading ur review, I will not watch it on tv too ( assuming some channel guys r dumb enough to pay for it…or the producer has done a smart move of selling broadcast rights before the release….)
    Revati Kasture

  2. Sameer Kale says:

    Nice to read and felt happy. Do keep writing. We all know what yoy are capable of!!!!!

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